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TTS illustration Proverbs: Love

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A poor beauty finds more lovers than husbands.  

All is fair in love and war.  

All the world loves a lover.  

Coffee and love are best when they are hot.  

He who loves a one-eyed girl thinks that one-eyed girls are beautiful.  

If love is a sickness, patience is the remedy.  

Jealousy destroys love.  

Love conquers all.  

Love does wonders, but money makes marriage.  

Love is a sweet torment.  

Love is blind.  

Love laughs at locksmiths.  

Love makes the world go round.  

Love will find a way.  

Love your neighbor, yet pull not down your hedge.  

Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.  

Make love, not war.  

Music is the language of love.  

Neither love nor a cough can be hidden.  

Never love with all your heart, it only ends in breaking.  

No love like the first love.  

Old love burns strong.  

One cannot love and be wise.  

Salt water and absence wash away love.  

The heart that loves is always young.  

True love never grows old.  

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