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TTS illustration Proverbs: Dogs

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A dog is a man's best friend.  

A dog with a bone knows no friend.  

A dog with two homes is never any good.  

A good dog deserves a good bone.  

A mad dog cannot live long.  

Barking dogs seldom bite.  

Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.  

Beware of silent dogs and still waters.  

Dog does not eat dog.  

Dumb dogs are dangerous.  

Every dog has his day.  

Every dog is a lion at home.  

Every dog is allowed one bite.  

Give a dog a bad name and hang him.  

Let sleeping dogs lie.  

Love me, love my dog.  

One barking dog sets the whole street to barking.  

Satisfy a dog with a bone and a woman with a lie.  

The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on.  

The smaller the dog, the hardier the bark.  

When two dogs fight over a bone, a third will take it.  

Why keep a dog and bark yourself?  

You can't teach an old dog new tricks.  

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