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The English Alphabet for ESL/EFL Adults

The English alphabet contains 26 letters. Each letter has a name or sound, which is described by phonetic symbols in square brackets.

You need to know the sounds (names) of letters in order to learn the rules of pronunciation. The letters of the alphabet do not always represent the same sounds in words.
Pay special attention to vowel letters:
Pay some attention to consonant letters:
The letter can be either a vowel or a consonant.

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A.[eɪ] Apple

B. [biː] Business

C. [siː] City

D. [diː] Document

E. [iː] Electron

F. [ef] Football

G. [dʒiː] Golf

H. [eɪtʃ] Hospital

I. [aɪ] Internet

J. [dʒeɪ] Jazz

K. [keɪ] King

L. [el] Lady

M. [em] Money

N. [en] Name

O. [әʊ] Office

P. [piː] Printer

Q. [kjuː] Queen

R. [ɑː] Robot

S. [es] System

T. [tiː] Tennis

U. [juː] University

V. [viː] Vacuum

W. ['dʌbljuː] Website

Y. [eks] Yard

X. [waɪ] Xerox (Xerox Corporation)

Z. [zed] Zebra

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