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V  from VOA Special English Word Book

vacation - n. a holiday; a period of time for travel, pleasure or rest, especially one with pay given to an employee
vaccine - n. a substance containing killed or weakened organisms given to a person or animal to produce protection against a disease
valley - n. a long area of land between higher areas of land
value - n. the quality of being useful, important or desired; the amount of money that could be received if something is sold
vegetable - n. a plant grown for food
vehicle - n. anything on or in which a person or thing can travel or be transported, especially anything on wheels; a car or truck
version - n. the form of something with different details than earlier or later forms
very - ad. extremely ("He was very late.")
veto - v. to reject or refuse to approve
victim - n. someone or something that is injured, killed or made to suffer; someone who is tricked
victory - n. a success in a fight or competition
video - n. a method of recording images and sound without a traditional film camera to be shown on a television, computer or other device
village - n. a very small town
violate - v. to fail to obey or honor; to break (an agreement)
violence - n. the use of force to cause injury, death or damage
visa - n. the official permission given to a person to enter a country where he or she is not a citizen
visit - v. to go to or come to a place for a short time for friendly or business reasons
voice - n. the sound made by creatures, especially humans, for speaking
volcano - n. a hill or mountain around a hole in the earth's surface that can explode, sending hot, melted rock and ash into the air
volunteer - n. a person who chooses to do something without being asked, usually without being paid
vote - v. to choose a candidate in an election; n. a choice or decision expressed by the voice, by hand or by writing