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Sa  from VOA Special English Word Book

sabotage - v. to damage or destroy as an act against an organization or nation ("The rebels sabotaged the railroad.")
sacrifice - v. to do without something or to suffer a loss for a belief, idea, goal or another person
sad - ad. not happy
safe - ad. away from harm or danger
sail - v. to travel by boat or ship
sailor - n. a person involved in sailing a boat or ship
salt - n. a white substance found in sea water and in the ground, used to affect the taste of food
same - ad. not different; not changed; like another or others
sand - n. extremely small pieces of crushed rock found in large amounts in deserts and on coasts
satellite - n. a small object in space that moves around a larger object; an object placed in orbit around the earth
satisfy - v. to give or provide what is desired, needed or demanded
save - v. to make safe; to remove from harm; to keep for future use
say - v. to speak; to express in words
school - n. a place for education; a place where people go to learn
science - n. the study of nature and the actions of natural things, and the knowledge gained about them
sea - n. a large area of salt water, usually part of an ocean
search - v. to look for carefully
season - n. one of the four periods of the year that is based on the earth's position toward the sun (spring, summer, autumn, winter); a period of time based on different weather conditions ("dry season", "rainy season"); a period during the year when something usually happens ("baseball season")
seat - n. a thing to sit on; a place to sit or the right to sit there ("a seat in parliament")
second - ad. the one that comes after the first
secret - n. something known only to a few and kept from general knowledge; ad. hidden from others; known only to a few
security - n. freedom from danger or harm; protection; measures necessary to protect a person or place ("Security was increased in the city.")
see - v. to know or sense through the eyes; to understand or know
seed - n. the part of a plant from which new plants grow
seek(ing) - v. to search for ("They are seeking a cure for cancer."); to try to get ("She is seeking election to public office."); to plan to do ("Electric power companies are seeking to reduce their use of coal.")
seem - v. to appear to be ("She seems to be in good health.")
seize - v. to take quickly by force; to take control of quickly; to arrest
self - n. all that which makes one person different from others
sell - v. to give something in exchange for money
Senate - n. the smaller of the two groups in the governments of some countries, such as in the United States Congress
send - v. to cause to go; to permit to go; to cause to be carried, taken or directed to or away from a place
sense - v. to come to know about by feeling, believing or understanding; n. any of the abilities to see, hear, taste, smell or feel
sentence - v. to declare the punishment for a crime; n. the punishment for a crime
separate - v. to set or keep people, things or ideas away from or independent from others; ad. not together or connected; different
series - n. a number of similar things or events that follow one after another in time, position or order
serious - ad. important; needing careful consideration; dangerous
serve - v. to work as an official; to be employed by the government; to assist or help
service - n. an organization or system that provides something for the public ("Schools and roads are services paid for by taxes."); a job that an organization or business can do for money; military organizations such as an army, navy or air force; a religious ceremony
set - v. to put in place or position; to establish a time, price or limit
settle - v. to end (a dispute); to agree about (a problem); to make a home in a new place
several - ad. three or more, but not many
severe - ad. not gentle; causing much pain, sadness or damage
sex - n. either the male or female group into which all people and animals are divided because of their actions in producing young; the physical activity by which humans and animals can produce young
shake - v. to move or cause to move in short, quick movements
shape - v. to give form to; n. the form of something, especially how it looks
share - v. to give part of something to another or others; n. a part belonging to, given to or owned by a single person or a group; any one of the equal parts of ownership of a business or company
sharp - ad. having a thin edge or small point that can cut or hurt; causing hurt or pain
she - pro. the girl or woman who is being spoken about
sheep - n. a farm animal used for its meat and hair
shell - v. to fire artillery; n. a metal container that is fired from a large gun and explodes when it reaches its target; a hard outside cover
shelter - v. to protect or give protection to; n. something that gives protection; a place of safety
shine - v. to aim a light; to give bright light; to be bright; to clean to make bright
ship - v. to transport; n. a large boat
shock - v. to cause to feel sudden surprise or fear; n. something that greatly affects the mind or emotions; a powerful shake, as from an earthquake
shoe - n. a covering for the foot
shoot - v. to cause a gun or other weapon to send out an object designed to kill; to use a gun
short - ad. lasting only for a small period of time; not long; opposite tall
should - v. used with another verb (action word) to show responsibility ("We should study."), probability ("The talks should begin soon."), or that something is believed to be a good idea ("Criminals should be punished.")
shout - v. to speak very loudly
show - v. to make something be seen; to make known; n. a play or story presented in a theater, or broadcast on radio or television, for enjoyment or education; something organized to be seen by the public
shrink - v. to make or become less in size, weight or value
sick - ad. suffering physically or mentally with a disease or other problem; not in good health
sickness - n. the condition of being in bad health
side - n. the outer surfaces of an object that are not the top or bottom; parts away from the middle; either the right or left half of the body
sign - v. to write one's name; n. a mark or shape used to mean something; evidence that something exists or will happen; a flat piece of material with writing that gives information
signal - v. to send a message by signs; n. an action or movement that sends a message
silence - v. to make quiet; to stop from speaking or making noise; n. a lack of noise or sound
silver - n. a valued white metal
similar - ad. like something else but not exactly the same
simple - ad. easy to understand or do; not difficult or complex
since - prep. from a time in the past until now ("I have known her since we went to school together.")
sing - v. to make music sounds with the voice
single - ad. one only
sink - v. to go down into water or other liquid
sister - n. a female with the same father or mother as another person
sit - v. to rest on the lower part of the body without the support of the legs; to become seated
situation - n. the way things are during a period of time
size - n. the space occupied by something; how long, wide or high something is
skeleton - n. all the bones of a human or other animal together in their normal positions
skill - n. the ability gained from training or experience
skin - n. the outer covering of humans and most animals
sky - n. the space above the earth
slave - n. a person owned or controlled by another
sleep - v. to rest the body and mind with the eyes closed
slide - v. to move smoothly over a surface
slow - v. to reduce the speed of; ad. not fast in moving, talking or other activities
small - ad. little in size or amount; few in number; not important; opposite large
smash - v. to break or be broken into small pieces by force; to hit or move with >force
smell - v. to sense through the nose; n. something sensed by the nose ("the smell of food cooking")
smoke - v. to use cigarettes or other tobacco products by burning them and breathing in the smoke; n. that which can be seen rising into the air like a cloud from something burning
smooth - ad. having a level surface; opposite rough