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O  from VOA Special English Word Book

obey - v. to act as one is ordered to act
object - v. to show that one does not like or approve; to protest; n. something not alive that can be seen or touched
observe - v. to watch; to look at carefully; to celebrate or honor something ("They
will observe the anniversary of the day she was born.")
occupy - v. to take and hold or to control by force
ocean - n. the area of salt water that covers almost seventy-five percent of the earth's surface; any of the five main divisions of this water
of - prep. made from; belonging to; about; connected to; included among
off - ad. away; at a distance; condition when something is no longer operating or continuing; not on; not connected
offensive - n. a military campaign of attack; ad. having to do with attacking
offer - v. to present or propose; n. the act of presenting or proposing; that which is presented or proposed
office - n. a room or building where business or work is done; a public position to which one is elected or appointed
officer - n. a person in the military who commands others; any person who is a member of a police force
official - n. a person with power in an organization; a representative of an organization or government; ad. of or about an office; approved by the government or someone in power
often - ad. many times
oil - n. a thick liquid that does not mix with water and that burns easily; a black liquid taken from the ground and used as fuel
old - ad. not young or new; having lived or existed for many years
on - prep. above and held up by; touching the upper surface of ("The book is on the table."); supported by ("He is on his feet."); about ("The report on the meeting is ready."); at the time of ("He left on Wednesday.")
once - ad. one time only
only - ad. being the single one or ones; no more than ("We have only two dollars.")
open - v. to start ("They opened talks."); ad. not closed; not secret
operate - v. to do work or a job; to cut into the body for medical reasons
opinion - n. a belief based on one's own ideas and thinking
oppose - v. to be against; to fight against
opposite - ad. different as possible; completely different from; exactly the other way ("North is the opposite direction from south.")
oppress - v. to make others suffer; to control by the use of unjust and cruel force or power
or - conj. giving another of two choices; giving the last of several choices
orbit - v. to travel in space around a planet or other object; n. the path or way an object travels in space around another object or planet
order - v. to give a command; to tell someone what to do; n. a command; the correct or normal way things are organized; a peaceful situation in which people obey laws
organize - v. to put in order; to put together into a system
other - ad. different; of another kind; the remaining one or ones of two or more ">("That man is short; the other is tall.")
our - ad. of or belonging to us
oust - v. to force to leave; to remove by force
out - ad. away from the inside; opposite of in
over - conj. above; covering; across, in or on every part of ("all over the world")
overthrow - v. to remove from power; to defeat or end by force
owe - v. to pay or have to repay (usually money) in return for something received
own - v. to have or possess for oneself