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Proverbs for ESL/EFL learners: Devil

Note #1: In Christianity the devil is the enemy of God, who rules Hell, tempts people to sin.
Note #2: The bold words are not contained in VOA Special English Word Book. You can click the bold words for additional information.

He that serves God for money will serve the devil for better wages.

He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon.

Open not your door when the devil knocks.

The devil finds work for idle hands to do.

The devil is not so black as he is painted.

In hell one should pay court to the devil.

Talk of the devil, and he is bound to appear.

Tell the truth and shame the devil.

When flatterers meet, the devil goes to dinner.

The devil knows many things because he is old.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

An idle brain is the devil's workshop.

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