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ESL/EFL Texts: Letter Riddles

The letter riddles oft is silly but they help to remember English words.

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  1.  What letter is like an island?

  2.  What letter adds great value to a pear?

  3.  What can turn a lad into a lady?

  4.  What letter comes after B in the alphabet?

  5.  What is the coldest letter?

  6.  What can you always find in the middle of a taxicab?

  7.  What letter is like an island?

  8.  What letter comes once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years?

  9.  What letter is like the sun?

 10.  What letter is like noon?

 11.  What is the centre of gravity?

 12.  What letter is like death?

 13.  What letter widens a road?

 14.  What letter is always discovered in the centre of a maze?

 15.  What letter is like New Year's Day?

 16.  What letter is always the centre of mirth?

 17.  What letter is the cleanest in the alphabet?

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